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Rep/Advisor Access

What is the one thing that your reps/advisors ask for most?  Their money!  They want to know, at their fingertips, how much they are getting paid on the next commission/fee run. But more importantly, they want to know if they are NOT getting paid on any business. With Repertoire - your reps have all of that information, and more, 24x7!

RepS/ADVISORS Can Use Repertoire To:

  • Access their clients' account and suitability information
  • Download their compensation statements (both current and historical)
  • View commission/fee transactions pending for the current period
  • Store and retrieve client document images
  • Examine any compliance issues that may be holding commissions
  • Setup and maintain client householding groups
  • Display FINRA licenses and individual license status

Repertoire also includes a data bridge to LaserApp's Broker-Dealer, RIA and Vendor forms so that they are automatically filled in with the client's information, thus eliminating unnecessary duplicate entry.

Since Repertoire is available 24x7, the field reps can answer their own questions on their own time schedule, thereby freeing the back-office to deliver better service overall!


Proactive Compliance Resolution

With Repertoire, reps/advisors can immediately see any compliance infractions on their transactions, giving them time to correct issues prior to the upcoming payout period. This helps to reduce and possibly eliminate calls to the back office.


Expenses & 1099 Status

The next thing they want help with is their expenses. They need a breakdown of their expenses at the end of the year for their IRS Schedule C.  Repertoire provides rep/advisor reporting which will provide a listing of all the expenses deducted off of their payouts, as well as keep them updated with their current 1099 status throughout the year.


License Renewals

During renewal season, reps/advisors can see all of their state registrations that are about to expire.  Not only can they see the states, they can see all the business they have produced that year for each state.  This gives them another powerful tool to help them determine which states to renew.


Firm-wide Access

Repertoire allows access to everyone in your firm's hierarchy (assistants, representatives, managers, OSJ's, and back office staff).