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Commission File Imports

Maestro’s early roots were established in downloading and processing data from the various clearing firms, mutual fund companies and insurance carriers.

The file import module provides a very robust tool to efficiently process commission downloads. In addition to commission feeds, Maestro also processes client account files, which can include registration, suitability and position data. The file import tool can process security description files too, which aids in automatically populating the products table.

A few of the most popular clearing firm formats include:

  • Pershing
  • Fidelity / NFS
  • Hilltop Securities
  • First Clearing
  • AXOS / COR Clearing
  • RBC Dain
  • Raymond James
  • DST
  • DAZL

Mutual fund companies and insurance carriers who provide commission data to you directly are not a problem either - they are probably already programmed into Maestro! If not, new funds and carriers can be easily and quickly added.

If your firm is receiving paper statements from some companies (for instance, insurance carriers and/or real estate product sponsors), Maestro also has a very efficient manual interface for fast and accurate data entry.