It's coming....Maestro 4!

For the past 3 years now, Artisan Software has been working on the next-generation of back-office software for Broker-Dealers and Registered Investment Advisers.

We are completely retooling and rewriting the system to bring an entirely new experience to current Maestro users, and a comprehensive all-in-one experience to new users.

Maestro has historically leveraged as much of the data a firm is required to accumulate, and consolidate as much functionality into a single system as possible.  The goal has been to minimize the cost of ownership and training, while making the user experience more efficient.

What we have learned over the past decade+ is now being incorporated into Maestro version 4!

We are not publicly releasing a detailed overview at this time, however, we can tell you that the system's core has been restructured to allow for unprecedented flexibility in terms of defining your business rules, and maintaining your data.

Please feel free to contact us for more information!