New Feature: Advertising Reviews!

Artisan Software, Inc. is proud to announce another addition to its already robust set of compliance features built into Maestro.  Firms using Maestro can now allow their reps/advisers to submit advertising to the back-office for review ELECTRONICALLY!  This new functionality eliminates the manual management of paper and email based submissions, and centralizes all review activity within the built-in Workflow framework!

Firms used to paying additional fees for ad review services will see a decrease in their operating costs, because the Advertising Review feature is a standard feature in Maestro.

Another plus on the side of the rep users, is having the efficiency of a single system, which reduces confusion when it comes to the reps knowing how/where to submit certain types of information.  This also helps keep the time and cost of training down, while enhancing the reps' retention levels.  The goal is to keep it simple and centralize/leverage as much data as possible!