Workflow 2.0 Released!

Artisan Software, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise class back-office processing systems for the financial services industry, is very happy to be releasing a huge addition to the workflow system built into Maestro and Repertoire.

After the initial Workflow release in September 2012, our users asked for a better way to group individual items together for better and more efficient handling of the daily business.  They wanted to be able to link data with documents, and route the entire package based on how it is classified, to the right supervisory staff for review.  We listened!

Introducing Workflow 2.0!

This update leverages and builds upon the existing Workflow infrastructure, in order to offer users unprecedented flexibility in customizing the flow of business within their firm.  

The Workflow system was significantly enhanced to allow classification and grouping of documentation and transactions, as well as allowing for multiple tiers of review by both remote and in-house supervisory staff - all done seamlessly and appearing instantaneously on the users' desktops!

Maestro has been known as a best-in-class commission system in the financial services industry.  Now Artisan has brought the same high-performance and user-friendly experience to the integrated Workflow functionality built into Maestro....WITHOUT affecting the broker-dealer's bottom line.