Workflow – Fully Integrated - NO EXTRA FEES!

Because the workflow system is fully interwoven into the back-office platform, back-office and field users can interact with each other in real-time, fully levaraging the value of all the back-office data.  Documents, reviews, and data are all contained within Maestro, allowing documentation, compliance and suitability matters to be addressed quickly and efficiently.

Staff resources will not be taken trying to manage data transfers between systems in order to sync data!  Nothing is left to fall through the cracks!

Reduce Your Costs

Enhance Rep/Adviser Satisfaction

Proactive Alerts!

With the Workflow Dashboard, your staff is immediately notified of any compliance or suitability issues as soon as they occur.  The dashboard also provides instant notification to your advisers in the field of anything requiring their attention.

On Your Own Terms

Why make your staff learn generic or other-industry terminology?  This only creates confusion and improper use of the system.  In Maestro’s Workflow system, you can tailor the rules to how your firm operates!  

You Set The Bar With Customized Rule Sets

You decide how rules are enforced, who enforces them, and the severity of each rule.

Your Staff = Balanced Resources

You can allocate roles to your staff as most appropriate.  Whether you are a small shop with 1 reviewer or a large shop with multiple tiers of various roles, the system can adapt to keep the workload balanced.