Workflow Released!

Artisan Software, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise class back-office processing systems for the financial services industry, is proud to announce the release of Workflow! 

This is a major system update to both the Maestro and Repertoire programs designed to enhance a firm’s services to its reps and advisers in the field.  With Workflow, remote sales teams can submit new account data and paperwork electronically to the back-office for immediate review, and get instantaneous feedback.  Packaging up paperwork and sending it overnight to the back-office is now obsolete with Workflow!

With Workflow, once a new account case has been reviewed by the back-office, any data, suitability or compliance issues can be relayed back to the rep immediately for quick resolution.  Approvals are displayed on the adviser’s screen the instant that they occur.  For the reps: No more waiting for overnight packages to be processed.  For the back-office: no more pouring through stacks of paperwork and forwarding to the funds/carriers.  Both the reps and in house staff now have real-time communication!  A true win-win!

Because the documents are submitted electronically, they automatically reside in Maestro’s document repository!  No need to shuffle between systems juggling data, reviews and paperwork!