Maestro 4, Almost There

Just a quick update...

As we crest 5 years of development work, all of the functional pieces to Maestro 4 are done, and complete system testing is underway!  No firm dates for release just yet, but it is definitely getting close!

Maestro 4 is a complete rewrite of the system, designed to improve performance and overall efficiency, and deliver many new features!

Among other things, Maestro 4 has:

- A modern user interface, geared to how users want to get their work done

- More automation of critical and repetitive tasks

- A redesigned customer account structure, with vast improvements in how
  that data is managed and processed

- Significantly enhanced workflow capability; not just document images! 
  True business-process workflow, user defined, as needed.

That's just a teaser of what we have been working on....there's more...

Please feel free to reach out for more info or to schedule a web demo!

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