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Many systems currently in use in the Broker-Dealer and RIA communities are either terribly obsolete, or quickly outgrown. Their compliance reporting, transaction processing and payout functions are simply too basic or just not up to today's pace for the broker-dealer trying to successfully grow their business.  The constantly changing regulatory landscape presents new compliance challenges, and many systems just cannot keep up.  Take the new Reg BI requirements for your system ready to adapt?!?!

Other systems are just far too complicated, constantly forcing the user to navigate a myriad of functionality that does not apply to the task at hand. They lack efficiency, are cumbersome to use, and not easily learned.

Perhaps your firm is trying to migrate away from spreadsheets, and the inaccuracies and headaches that accompany them. Trying to find a system that eases your workload while providing some measure of tangible improvement can be a daunting task.

Until now....Introducing, Maestro!

With Maestro, the major design consideration was to simplify the workflow and consolidate as much business rule processing into the system as possible. The overall goal with this approach is to eliminate manual tracking of the individual commission/fee items every period, while also providing a processing engine flexible enough to handle the variable nature of rep compensation packages.

The result is a comprehensive, dynamic, and very robust system that can adapt to your company's evolving commission processing requirements.